The DWM Process

Client Onboarding Process           

Data Gathering

In this initial meeting, the client’s current financial situation and goals are discussed. In addition, we will go over our services, investment philosophy, and how we can help you pursue your goals. New account paperwork will be filled out and submitted for processing in preparation for the account to be funded.

Creating an Investment Policy Statement

Using the data gathered in the initial meeting, we will create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This customized document specifies the client’s risk tolerance, return objective, and asset allocation which in turn will be used to monitor the client’s progress. The IPS will be reviewed annually to reassess its suitability due to any changes in the client’s situation or goals.

Preparing a Financial Plan

In conjunction with the IPS, a formal Financial Plan is prepared. The plan, which contains a comprehensive view of the client’s income, assets, and liabilities, determines the probability of success of various stated goals in order of priority such as having enough money to retire, funding your children’s education, and leaving a bequest. The plan will also be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Implementation and Rebalancing

Once the IPS and Financial Plan have been prepared, the account will be funded and the assets will be invested accordingly with our Broker/Dealer LPL Financial. The portfolio will be monitored regularly and rebalanced quarterly to maintain the allocation percentages described in the IPS. We will also work with you to implement our recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Periodic Reviews

During our annual review, we will review your portfolio's performance, track your goals, and discuss any changes in your situation. In addition to this in person meeting, we are always available to you to serve your needs whether they are money movements, account maintenance, or risk tolerance changes.